Shopatvelvet is an infamous local fashion brand. This brand has attracted thousands of sales every month and tens of thousands of visitors every single month. It is one of the defining brand in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Shopatvelvet is a well-known local fashion brand. They have a very busy website and attracts huge traffic everyday. They are depending on their website to do their business. Since their old website was not too expandable, they assigned Capital Six to re-design their e-commerce site, re-develop, and as well as migrating their old customers and other databases to the new website.


There is a list of things and challenges behind this project. Looking at the high traffic and their dependability on their e-commerce site, we were expected not to do any mistake; starting from designing their UI/UX, developing a solid system to support the business process, down to migrating the old data and information into the new website.

The goal of this project is increase the time spent by the visitors in the website and to improve their sales.


After a few months of design and development, the website successfully launched. The sales went up 120% (as reported by the client) and the bounce rate of the website went down quite significantly.

Visit their site by clicking this link: