Whiteboard Journal


WHITEBOARD JOURNAL is a local INTELLIGENT web news publication for creative lifestyle community in Indonesia. With “influential” people behind this media, Whiteboard Journal has become one of the most important underground media in Indonesia with thousands of visitors everyday.


Whiteboard Journal has been around for over 10 years. Just like other media companies, they started small and with limited resources. This media was started and targeted to be the “fresh air” in the media industry in Indonesia. Whiteboard Journal approached Capital Six to help revamping the whole website (with design provided by them), especially to fix the responsive features of the website.


The main challenge of the project is to make sure that all of their articles need to remain accessible by the visitors and to make sure that their SEO reputation which they have built over 10 years could be continued by the new website.

The other goal was to make sure the website is very easy to access with lightning-speed.


We started this project with interviewing the people in charge with the old website; we asked many questions on how the website operates, the website URL structures, categories, as well as the traffic / daily readers.

Based on their system architecture we developed the website accordingly. We conducted testing on different conditions to make sure the old articles remain accessible and remain looking good with the new web design.

After the website was finally done, we successfully migrated the website to Google Cloud to help speed up the loading time of the website.


The website is now up and running as their expected, with speed they were looking for. The website is now accessible on mobile phones. The report from the client that they have improved their website quality and gained new clients and sponsors.

Visit their site by clicking this link: whiteboardjournal.com